Why Canary Islands



Why Canary Islands

Living in the Canary Islands has a lot to offer: here in Tenerife you’ll find a perfect balance between your job and a healthy, entertaining lifestyle. If you like the sun, nature, and being surrounded by a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, this is the right place for you.  

Full of rich history and traditions, Tenerife is highly influenced by the Guanches, a tribal people which originally inhabited the island, and which is attracting more and more attention in recent years, especially in academic circles. This renewed attention to the Guanches brought a new dynamic cultural energy to the island, by making Tenerife a hotspot for literature, history and arts. The ancient capital of "La Laguna", built in 1496 shortly after the conquest of the Spaniards, has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: its historic town center and the characteristic narrow and colorful streets are one of the most precious and well preserved gems of the island. Another beloved attraction, which the Canary Islands are proud of, is the small volcanic island La Gomera, where Columbus started his voyage to America in 1492.  

Tenerife offers a bright and entertaining nightlife to all those that don’t want to go to sleep at night. Most of the bars are open until four in the morning and you will find a plenty of clubs where you can dance and make party until sunrise.

There are plenty of markets all over the island. They sell everything from souvenirs to jewelry, clothes, and anything else you could possibly need. Besides the typical flea markets, you can also find several Farmers' Markets where you can buy fresh fruit and vegan-friendly products.

Tenerife is the perfect destination for passionate explorers and nature-lovers: volcanic parks, tropical-bird watching at Loro Park, boat trips for whale and dolphin watching, windsurfing, and many many more outdoor activites. You will be spoilt for choice!